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Analytical Scientific Instruments

Innovative Solutions for HPLC, UHPLC and LC/MS

  • ASI's 18,000 Square-Foot Manufacturing Facilities
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What's New!

Replacement Parts YL Model 9100/9300

ASI Model 520 HPLC Pumps

Replacement parts for Varian 212-LC pumps!

Adjustable Flow Splitter for Nano-Flow

The ASI Model 600 adjustable flow splitter is now available for split flow rates as low as one nanoliter per minute. More...

Introducing Check Valves Designed for Operation in Acetonitrile

One of the headaches when using acetonitrile is the tendency for the ball and seat to get stuck ᣴually bonded 鮠the closed position. The frequency of this frustrating phenomenon depends on a number of factors, including the surface finish and condition of the ball and seat. The R & D team at ASI has developed a new check valve that will not bond shut in the presence of Acetonitrile 嶥n when immersed and unused for days or weeks at a time. We offer the same self-priming, rapid closure that ASI valves have always been known for.

Acetonitrile-resistant valves are now available for all Check Valve Cartridges that we currently offer 鮣luding Waters, Agilent and other brands. Please simply add ㎔ at the end of the current P/Ns to order. Contact ASI for the price and the more information.